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Aug 23

Jagar Series: Knowledge Sharing for Self-determined Development of Indigenous Peoples

August 23, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 5:30 pm UTC+5.5

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There are 476 million Indigenous peoples from over 90 countries representing more than 5,000 different cultures and 7,000 languages playing a crucial role in the conservation of nature and biodiversity. Indigenous knowledge is vital in the fight against climate change. And yet, in every country across the globe, they are poorer, have worse access to basic services, and enjoy far fewer social and economic opportunities. They make up roughly six percent of the global population but about 15 percent of the poorest. Even after living since time immemorial in areas that contain around 80 percent of the planet’s biodiversity, many still struggle to maintain their legal rights to lands, territories, and resources.

Despite their rich and diverse cultures, Indigenous peoples from all over the world face common challenges in protecting their rights as unique communities. They continue to face marginalization in various forms across the globe. This also contributes to the loss of Indigenous knowledge, languages, and ways of life which in turn contributes to further marginalization of tribal and Indigenous communities.

The international community now acknowledges the need for special measures to safeguard the rights of tribal and indigenous peoples and preserve their distinct cultures and ways of life. The United Nations General Assembly passed the resolution on December 23, 1994, stating that the International Day of the

World’s Indigenous People would be observed on August 9 each year. Every year August 9 the is celebrated as the International Day of The World’s Indigenous Peoples. The day aims to raise awareness and advocate for the rights of indigenous populations worldwide. It also recognizes the valuable contributions that Indigenous peoples make in addressing global issues such as environmental protection. This year, the central theme commemorating the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People is Indigenous youth as agents of change for self-determination.

Anamaya, the Tribal Health Collaborative aims to end preventable deaths among tribal and Indigenous peoples of India through a community-rooted, cross-sectoral, and holistic approach. In partnership with USAID, Anamaya, the Tribal Health Collaborative, is organizing a conclave Knowledge Sharing for Self-determined Development of Indigenous Peoples. The event celebrates tribal individuals and organizations working closely with tribal and Indigenous communities in India. Indigenous culture and health are interconnected. The event will host inclusive conversations around indigenous culture, ethnomedicine, traditional knowledge, and their relationships with their environment. This will help inform policies and programs in a comprehensive manner.

About the Jagar series: Jagar is a Santhali and Mundari word that stands for ‘conversation’. Anamaya, the Tribal Health Collaborative of Piramal Foundation conceptualized Jagar Series as a space to ignite and nurture conversations and dialogues to bring Indigenous agendas to the forefront of public discourse. It is visualized as a platform that hosts diverse engagements following a holistic, inter-sectoral, multi-disciplinary approach instead of being defined by a particular domain. Anamaya has partnered with Tribal Research Institute in Ranchi, the World Diabetic Foundation, and many individuals and artists to curate the early events of the Jagar Series and looks forwards to continue the effort with widespread partnerships and collaborations. Jagar, as the name suggests, intends to create multiple avenues of conversation and exchange among different tribal and Indigenous communities, organizations, artists, Govt. representatives, and everyone who can contribute to help prioritize the agenda of tribal health, inclusion, Indigenous knowledge preservation, and self-determined development of tribal peoples.

  • Date: August 23, 2023
  • Time: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM